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My cat is male and he likes to wander a lot. He often goes missing for 2 days or so and always returns back. However I have a horrible feeling he didnt know his way back as he has not returned since September 2008. I am incredibly attached to my cat and it has taken me so long to do anything because I keep thinking he will return- I dont want to accept the fact that he is missing. He is a light ginger and instead of white and ginger, he is more a champagne colour (particularly his paws) underneath his ginger tabby markings, with a white belly and white around his face. He has been neutered but is not micro-chipped. He is incredibly friendly. He has a silvery green collar but lost it the day before he went missing so currently has no collar unless someone else has adopted him and given him a collar. He is playful and loyal and responds to the name "Benna" despite being called "Barney". He has a pink nose, green light eyes, a long thin tail, pointed ears and very long white whiskers.

Lost Cat

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  • Cat
  • Missing since September 2008
  • Herefordshire

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