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Pet ID Tags Cat and Dog Pet Identity Tags

pet id tags for cats and dog id tags

Ensure your pet is registered and wears an identification tag. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), 93 per cent of all dogs and 98 per cent of all cats turned in have no identification.

By registering your pet and having one of our exclusive UK National Pet Register Pet ID Tags, you are ensuring that if you pet ever goes astray a safe return is far more likely if your pet has a Pet Id tag with its unique Pet Id number engraved on. We will do our most to help you and your pet to be re-united as quickly as possible.

Purchase your NMPR Pet Identity Tags

To purchase a Pet ID tag for your pet, you first need to register your pet with us and you will then receive a unique PetID which will be added to your Pet ID disc.

Register your pets here to create your free unique pet id and purchase a pet tag.

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NMPR Pet Identity Tags

We have a dedicated website at www.petreg.org which if someone finds your pet and types in the NMPR PetID in, your emergency contact number will be displayed. This information is all managed in your personal Members Area on this website and can be updated 24/7.

Thousands of UK pet owners have registered their pets with us.