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Pet ID | Microchip | Tattoo Number Checker

Have you found a pet with one of our PetID tags on them? You will be able to check by our logo and the pet id number on the tag.

Please enter the pet ID number in the box below and click the Pet ID Search button and we will perform a check to see if we can perform a pet match for you.

Pet Identity Number Checker

Enter the Pet ID number exactly as it is listed on the Pet Tag in the box above. Only EXACT Pet ID matches will be made so please ensure the number is entered correctly.

Tattoo / Microchip Number Checker

Enter the tattoo number or microchip number of the pet in the box below. It does not matter what type of pet it is, or which company the microchip is registered with. We will perform a search to see if the number is in our system. Please note ONLY EXACT matches will be returned, so make sure the microchip/tattoo number is entered correctly.