Ellesmere Port Cheshire CH66

10 October 2019

Friendly and inquisitive loved a cuddle but could be very vocal if he wanted something. Playful loved fetch and could walk on the lead. Doesnt like travelling in cars but loved my caravan. He does have some small scars on the top of his head he got these as a kitten when he annoyed my older cat and received a whack on the head. Didnt stop him though. He loves sitting on your knee or chest and purrs as soon as you pick him up. Could be very restless if kept indoors for long periods enjoyed exploring so could have jumped into an unattended van without being noticed. Like most savannahs he is a pretty cat and most remarked on him but many thought him a bengall but his face is much more chiseled and he is sleeker. Hi is an f5 so not as big as those such as f3 and above. He is microchipped and neutered. I do fear he may have been taken as there have been no sightings at all. The neighbour to the back of me is certain he was out by his at 5pm on the 10th, the day he disappeared, and I was calling him from about 6.30pm. So leaves approx 1 to 2 hours timeslot for his disappearance. He loved being out but didnt range far about 500 yards from the house and never near the main road. He used to pop in at intervals when I was home and check I was there so I saw him often but the day he disappeared I was distracted as I had had a carpet laid 2 days before and was putting stuff back into the lounge so lost track of time. I have checked with the local council and vets no record of an accident on the road and my neighbours simply havent seen him at all which is very strange and unusual for him as they knew him and was often the topic of conversation with me. I have searched for him as he will come to my whistle and put flyers out and posters no sign at all and aksk on facebook for the area as well as farther afield and there is no sign at all.
for sightings / info please call:
listing ref: 93095