Ginger and White

Mixed Breed


Southall Ub1 Greater London UB1

05 May 2020

Pink nose with black specks at base and white paws and chest. Very striking tiger like stripes on ginger fur with bold stripes to head and tail. Slightly sagging to lower back of belly makes me wonder if he’s a boy or girl now! Lovely hazel colour eyes and also pigment on the gum areas around his teeth. Is very curious with regards to human contact could say bold and forwards! Not shy but is so when it comes to children or perhaps other cats communicated massively to people that he obviously knew he could/can get attention from or try connect or communicate to Used to reside with his partner in life being a dog. Called kizzy and responded to his name while inside and outside of my house
for sightings / info please call:
listing ref: 94688