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This is the list of missing Cats we have in our database. (Tip: Click the County link on the photo's to see more pets lost in that area.) To narrow down the results please use our Pet Search facility.

  • Cat missing in West Rainton Durham County Durham
    Missing Cat Tortoiseshell in West Rainton Durham
    63117County Durham
  • Cat missing in The Dolphin Broadstairs Kent
    Missing Cat Moggy in The Dolphin Broadstairs
  • Missing Cats in Holbrooks
    Missing Cat Tabby in Holbrooks Coventry
    63109West Midlands
  • Missing Cats in Catherine Drive
    Missing Cat Semi-Long Hair in Catherine Drive Galston
  • Missing Cats in Evering Road
    Missing Cat Domestic Short Hair in Evering Road Clapton
    63105Greater London
  • Missing Cats in Pleasance
    Missing Cat Domestic Short Hair in Pleasance Edinburgh
  • Cat missing in Walker  Newcastle  Tyne and Wear
    Missing Cat British Blue in Walker Newcastle
    63102Tyne and Wear
  • Missing Cats in Exmouth Colonies
    Missing Cat Unknown - Other in Exmouth Colonies Exmouth
  • Missing Cats in Longmore Road
    Missing Cat Mixed Breed in Longmore Road Hersham
  • Missing Cats in Fernley Park, Ridgewood
    Missing Cat Tabby in Fernley Park, Ridgewood Uckfield
    63098East Sussex
  • Missing Cats in Waterloo Liverpool
    Missing Cat Moggy in Waterloo Liverpool Liverpool
  • Cat missing in Westfield  Near Hastings  East Sussex
    Missing Cat British Short Hair in Westfield Near Hastings
    63096East Sussex
  • Missing Cats in Barrie Road
    Missing Cat Tabby in Barrie Road Hinckley
  • Missing Cats in Near Brecon
    Missing Cat Domestic Short Hair in Near Brecon Bronllys
  • Cat missing in Great Bentley Colchester Essex
    Missing Cat Tabby in Great Bentley Colchester
  • Missing Cats in Burton In Kendal, Carnforth
    Missing Cat British Short Hair in Burton In Kendal, Carnforth Carnforth
  • Missing Cats in Barber Close Stanground
    Missing Cat Ragdoll in Barber Close Stanground Peterborough
  • Cat missing in Chapel Allerton/meanwood Leeds West Yorkshire
    Missing Cat British Short Hair in Chapel Allerton/meanwood Leeds
    63085West Yorkshire
  • Cat missing in Roxton Bedfordshire Bedford Bedfordshire
    Missing Cat Domestic Short Hair in Roxton Bedfordshire Bedford

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