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Pet Advertising and Media promote your pet business

Advertising on the UK Missing Pet Register and gaining extra exposure for your business is very straightforward. Please take the time to read the notes below regarding our advertising plans.

Our visitors are pet owners, pet shops, animal shelters, police and pet organisations. The Internet is turning out to be one of the most flexible and significant marketing mediums in history. The revolutionary and exciting market place offers advertisers a unique opportunity to keep their message fresh and up-to-date, to display their products / services to a mass of audiences.

Our Target Audience

The National Missing Pets Register is the major UK resource for all missing cats, missing dogs and missing pets and other pet related information. With a vast amount of information available many of our website visitors are taking the time to register and become active members at the UK National Missing Pet Register. We are averaging approx 35,000 unique visitors per month, for your business to make the most of our site visitors, please read on.

There are various ways to advertise on our website and attract more business to your website:

Ways to Advertise

  • Sponsorship on the Website, Pet Databases and Members newsletter.
  • Competitions; Donate a prize for our members to win and you will receive free advertising.
  • Advertising Banners in our advertising zones
  • Our popular UK Pet Directory Listings
  • Members Monthly Newsletter.
  • Affiliate marketing promotions


We are looking for suppliers for our target groups to act as sponsors for sections of the site, to joint sponsor our website, lost and found pet databases or the Newsletter. This will give maximum exposure to our participating sponsors and attract the widest audience.

Banner Advertising

This is perhaps the most common form of advertising on web sites, but with so many sites around you need to carefully target you advertising with those sites which closely match your customer profile. The Missing Pet Register is an ideal advertising media for those companies involved with pet related products and services.

Sections and Features

We offer many opportunities to promote your business through our pages. In addition, advertisers are invited to submit advice articles for inclusion on the site, which is an ideal way to raise your company's profile.

Registered Members Newsletter - Email Marketing

Our monthly newsletter which is sent to registered members who have opted to receive the mailing is both informational and the content is relevant to our program of services offered. We have a strict control over what is acceptable in our newsletters, so therefore we regret we can only accept advertisers who are relevant and UK based and who target the pet community.

Advertising Acceptance Advice

We do not just accept any company to advertise on our website. We pride ourselves on our content and fully respect our members.

Our primary aim is to ensure that the UK Missing Pet Register contains up to date and accurate information which benefits our website visitors and registered members. We are committed to our website visitors and members and that they remain loyal to the cause of our services to help missing pets. This is why we maintain our website to a high standard to ensure all visitors become frequent visitors.

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