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Check out or Missing Pet Guide and Found Pet Guide for important information.

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The UK Pet Register is fully self funded and supported. We are on the lookout however for sponsors or advertisers who would like to assist in the promotion of our website. We also have leaflets and window stickers available and anyone who would like to pass them out to friends, family, and business associates or if your local veterinary clinic would like to display a few for us we would very much like to hear from you.

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To contact us, please use the email address below:


If you are a member, please include your Account ID in your email.

Please do not email us asking to post a missing or found pet on your behalf. We can not do this as you will need to create an account and register the pet as missing or found yourself. This is due to the extra time and resources that this takes up and the need to allow others to contact you through our messaging system, which is why you are required to open an acount (It's FREE any way!). We are sorry for this, but we will not be able to respond to emails of this type.

Press, Media and PR Enquires

For all press enquiries or for further information about the National Missing Pet Register, please contact us using the details above and visit our Information pages.

The UK Missing Pet Register is not just about lost and found pets, we are a community who can provide you with fantastic benefits from all pet resources. All members receive access to our special offers, our monthly newsletter packed full of information and products at exclusively low rates.