Become a Pet Detective

The UK National Pet Register calls on animal lovers throughout the UK to become a pet detective and to lend a much-needed hand in its continuing mission: to unite owners with their missing pets. To register on this site you don't need to be a pet owner. We welcome all those who can contribute to the search for missing pets in their area.

Reasons to become a Pet Detective

Perhaps you walk your own dog and could keep a weather eye open for any canines on the loose. Maybe on your daily journey to work or to the shops, you would be likely to notice an animal unfamiliar to you that seems confused or distressed.

We rely on people like yourself who are willing to scan the missing pet listings on a regular basis for animals reported as missing in your area. Posting a supportive message saying that you are looking out for their much-loved cat or dog can give a boost of encouragement to distressed owners. It need take only a few minutes of your day.

Equally, you may have time to take part in the chat and follow any possible sightings, maybe even discovering that another pet hunter or pet detective like yourself has spotted the animal coming your way. If not, at least by joining in, you are demonstrating that the owner’s alert has not fallen on deaf ears.

To join as a Pet Detective, simply fill in the registration form and join our community.

Posting Sightings and support messages

The process of posting a sighting or support message is very simple; first you need to be logged in as a member, then you can follow the instructions which appear on the missing pet information page. You fully control your own messages which you can can send to owners of pets you are looking for or have seen. By being a pet detective you will be doing your local community and your fellow members a huge justice.

As one of our Pet Detectives you will be more than just a pair of eyes, you will be providing your community with a service, helping distressed pets be re-united with their loving owners. At the same time you will make great friends. By joining us you can make a difference.

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