Management & Registration of your Pets

Registering and Protecting your Pet with the National Pet Register has many benefits...

The one stop Pet Management system for you and your pets. This system is unique and has been developed for you and your beloved pet. We understand the challenges having a pet throws at us all and how easily things can be missed in our hectic schedules.

Free Registration Pet Tag
Unique Pet Registration ID Number
24/7 access to your registered pets’ information
Dedicated Pet Members Area
Manage Ownership Information
Create Reminders for dates/appointments
Vaccination & Health Check History
Vet / Pet Insurance Information
Printable Certificate and Document Data
Member offers from leading pet companies
and more ...

register pet registration with free pet tag
Register and Protect your Pets with the UK National Pet Register

We are a nation of pet lovers and our pets become family members who we love dearly and who, in return, give us unconditional love. This was developed by pet owners so that those things that are most important are never forgotten.

This system allows you to have all your pet details in one place and you will never lose or misplace those important documents or information. All documents uploaded and information recorded is in an easy to print format so that if you wish you can keep a paper copy as well as a digital one. You can record such things as:

  • Ownership details
  • Pet description which includes the your pet’s name, breed, colour, date of birth to name a few
  • Marking of your pet such as the microchip number and microchip company details
  • Update to date photograph
  • Vet detail. Name of your vet, practice details and contact numbers
  • Vaccination details
  • Health checks
  • Preventative care including flea and worming treatments
  • Groomer detail. Name and contact details
  • Pedigree and Breeder information
register your pet with the uk national pet register

It will give you peace of mind and provide you with your very own Members Area which allows you to keep your registered pets updated and managing all aspects of your account. You can access your members area at any time, day or night. One login for all of your pet’s requirements and needs.

You can set your own reminders for pet appointments, health checks and a reminder to check your micro chip and the details recorded with the microchipping company are correct. You can add in your own reminders if we have missed something and let us know so we can add it. This is a system for you the pet owner to help you manage your pet’s requirements.

Benefits of registering your pet which include:

This system allows you to have all your pet details in one place and you will never lose or misplace those important documents or information. You can record such things as:

  • Peace of mind
  • A unique Pet Registration ID
  • Dedicated Pet Registration ID search website
  • Pet Registration ID tag
  • 24/7 access to your registered pets’ information
  • Keep track of your pet’s important information such as ownership details, microchip company and number, vets’ detail, groomer details, vaccinations, health checks and pedigree paperwork
  • Printable documents and your pet data
  • Unique reminder system
  • Secure data storage
  • Member offers from leading pet companies
  • Join thousands of other registered pet owners securing their pets
register your pet with the uk national pet register
Pet Registration Plans
Annual Plan£12.00 per year
prices are per pet and include free NPR Pet Registration ID Tag

At the UK National Pet Register we provide your pets with a unique Pet Registration ID tracking code which you then provide your pet. This unique Pet Registration ID code will allow anyone who finds your pet in the event it is lost, to notify us and we will put you in contact. With such a large community at the Pet Register, you can be safe in the knowledge we will do our utmost to bring you together. We are not simply just a pet registration database; we provide you with your own control panel to keep your pet information updated and current. You have 24hr access to your control panel via your username and password we supply in your welcome email.

In the event your pet is lost or missing, login and mark your pet as missing, this will activate the National Pet Register Pet Registration ID to be searchable on our dedicated website at and display your emergency contact number to the finder. You should also place your pet on our missing pet register which will alert other members that your pet is missing. We do not display any private information about you on our website, only the information you supply for your lost pet listing and emergency contact number is displayed.

The registration process for your pet is very straight forward. All you have to do is create an account at the UK National Pet Register and then you can add your pets to the database and be issued a Pet Registration ID. You will need to provide certain information to register an account; this is to ensure that in any event that may arise regarding your pet whereabouts, so we are able to contact you.

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