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In society today there are a large and varied variety of cats available from the humble moggy to the more exotic species. To coincide with this, there are a variety of cat clubs and organisations to help you get the most form your cat and a click on the any of the following links will direct you in the right direction.

UK Ragdoll Cat Community


Welcome to the UK Ragdoll Cat Community, a place for owners and breeders of Ragdoll cats, or for those who are interested in finding out more about these wonderful cats. ...

The Governing Council Of The Cat Fancy


The GCCF is the governing body of the Cat Fancy in the United Kingdom - the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club. ...

Bengal Cat Association


Bengal Cat Association. We would like to invite all those with an interest in Bengals to become members of a new club The Bengal Cat Association. ...

The Asian Cat Association


Those searching for a truly special cat, a cat with extraordinary beauty and charm, need look no further than the Asian breed - an elegant but muscular cat with a sleek lustrous coat and hypnotic lambent eyes. ...

Cat Chat


We are a web-based Charity, currently finding loving, permanent homes for over 5,000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year from rescue shelters across the UK through our Virtual Cat Shelters ...