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Once only seen in Zoos and wildlife centres reptiles and amphibians are more commonplace in the home as family pets today. They do however require specialist care and equipment to maintain their health and the following sites provide a range of subjects, specialists and suppliers.

Swell Reptiles


Swell Reptiles supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of reptile supplies including a superb selection of vivariums from brands such as VivExotic. We are proud to offer great value and service. ...



RepDirect Irelands largest online reptile shop ...

Kent Reptile Amphibian Group


KRAG promotes reptile and amphibian conservation by recording the distribution and monitoring the status of herpetofauna in the county. ...

Reptile Live Food


Reptile Supplies,Aquatics, - supply a variety of reptile, fish and pond supplies to allow you to look after you pets with the best supplies at the greatest prices. ...

UK Reptiles And Amphibians


Reptiles & Amphibians of the UK have provided an on-line submission form to make the process of telling us about what you have seen as straightforward as possible. ...